Werkstoff Service – Wir sind Fachleute für Werkstoffe, akkreditiertes Prüflabor, akkreditierte Inspektionsstätte und Bildungsträger für die Werkstofftechnik und Werkstoffprüfung

W.S. Werkstoff Service - We are the material experts

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Qualification is key for financial and professional success. We will support you with individual solutions for education and training.

> Services advanced training / re-training 

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Modern machinery and facilities demand increasingly efficient materials. We will test and evaluate materials and parts quickly and reliably.

> Services Material testing laboratory

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State of the art production requires high-performance suppliers and reliable processes. We will qualify suppliers and products and audit processes and companies – world wide.

 > Services Inspection body  

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Parts should not fail – but they can, and some will. Our experts will analyse damages and help you to prevent future cases.

> Services Inspection Body

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The transport of people and goods requires reliable railroads. Our experts will support you regarding safety and efficiency of railroads and rail service in general.


> Services Railway Industry Sector

NEWS: Visit us on the Rail-Tech Fair in Utrecht (NL)

Logo der RailTech in Utrecht (NL)Our premiere - For the first time we are an exhibitor at the Rail-Tech Fair in Utrecht (NL). From 17.-19. March we show our competence und services at the railway sector. The Rail-Tech is the largest rail exhibition in the BeNeLux and provides an international platform where technology and the rail market meet. We’ll provide information and our expertise in all things materials, materials testing and materials engineering for railway wheels, wheelsets and rails. We will also present our DIN 27201-7-certified technically competent body’s activities in testing supervision and accreditation of railway maintenance shops – and our services for you. Our experts can develop reports for legal purposes, both for authorities dealing with wheels, rails and crash management as well as interested private companies.

We’re looking forward to your visit!


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Werkstoff Service Mitarbeiter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Michael Unger

Mr. Michael Unger
Phone: +49 / 201 / 316 844 - 18

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We are also ...

training center 
for materials testing and engineering

testing laboratory  
for materials testing and NDT (metals)

inspection body  
for conformity and damage analysis

technically competent body  
for NDT processes in the railway sector  

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